Description: This beautiful track starts with a Steinway grand piano, followed by ambient background textures as well as a small string ensemble at 0:42, creating that yearning romantic feeling. Bass comes in around 1:43 to add some depth, followed by staccato violins with a supporting piano line continuing to carry the melody. Finally, drums kick in at 2:04 to elevate it to new dramatic heights. This song is perfect for anything that needs a romantic or inspired feel, including weddings, inspiring video montages, documentary, films, tv ads, and more

Description: An inspirational and motivating track with piano, strings, and percussion. Ideal for inspiring commercials, advertising, radio and business promotions, corporate presentations, company branding, film, slide shows, and much more. Conveys positive feelings of hope, success, forward motion, motivation and determination.

Description: A simple, uplifting and inspirational piano and strings track perfectly suited for inspiring advertising, commercials, youtube videos, corporate business presentations, wedding slideshows, motivational productions, film, documentary, and more.

Description: A poignant and melancholic solo piano piece which conveys feelings of sadness, mourning, regret and loneliness, with a hint of hope and optimism. Suitable for underscore for film, tv, documentary, and other visual media productions which need a lot of emotion. In the style of Max Richter, Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds.

Description: This track is very emotional and lyrical, and conveys bittersweet emotions and feelings like sadness, but with a sense of hope. Would be perfect for modern dance productions, background underscore for emotional scenes during films or tv shows, trailers, youtube videos, montages, documentaries. NOTE: Please list the title on the cue sheet as "Broken Pieces" if you use this for broadcast.

Description: A fresh, fun, happy and upbeat acoustic folk track with a Mumford & Sons style. Use for any videos, corporate and business productions, advertisements, youtube videos and more. Instruments include: Acoustic guitars, bass, drums, claps and snaps.

Description: A positive, uplifting and inspirational tune with a cinematic feel featuring a memorable piano theme in the beginning, to be joined with acoustic guitar, strings, and glockenspiel. Perfect for TV commercials, film, youtube videos, documentaries, tv shows, montages, inspiring wedding and engagement videos and slideshows, and just about anything where you need a sense of happiness, contentment, and inspiration.

Description: An inspiring indie/pop track which starts with a memorable piano line and then is joined by percussion and electric guitar to give it a very modern and fresh feel. Perfect for inspirational and motivational productions, advertisements and commercials, corporate branding, inspiring youtube videos, slide shows and more. Features dreamy guitar and synths like what you'd hear in Coldplay, U2 and Keane. Geared toward productions for youth to 30-somethings.

Description: An inspirational track starting out with piano and then is accompanied by a string ensemble to give it a growing and emotional sound. Perfect for any inspiring videos, wedding videos, corporate or commercial productions that need a dynamic and inspired underscore with a sense of growth, hope, optimism and inspiration.

Description: An upbeat, inspiring and optimistic tune featuring piano, ukulele, shakers and bells. It evokes a sense of happiness, warmth and positivity. This great, light-hearted music is well suited for positive and uplifting commercials, advertisements, inspiring wedding videos, podcasts, corporate presentations, inspirational corporate videos, youtube videos, and more. Sounds a bit like an instrumental pop rock track by Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat or Jason Mraz.

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