Description: Heart Beat effect. Different speeds of a beating heart. From normal to speeding up and then slow.

Description: The Hammond organ starts out. Next, the percussion comes in. The building on this, a groovy drum beat with a nice electric piano riff. The bass and clavichord bring this to a complete funky song.

Description: Scary song starting with the organ. Pizzacato strings follow the organ with a distant harpsichord. Bells chime in a melody. The ending is a creepy effect. Great horror music.

Description: This dance-like song starts with synthesizers. The electronic drum kit and bass keep the electronic vibe going. The airy piano brings the song back down to earth with the melody. This song ends with synth strings.

Description: Chiming bells effect. Many bells going off. Sounds like church bells, wedding bells, or clocks.

Description: This is a sound clip of a crowd cheering at a music concert.

Description: This is a "hopeful" sounding song starting out with the piano and tamborine. The guitar comes in next and then drums and the bass kick in. The guitar carries a catchy melody.

Description: Effect of a machine gun firing. There are 3 different types to choose from.

Description: Sleigh Bells effect. Jingling bells for the holiday mood.

Description: The sound of an evil laugh.

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