Description: Instrumental Classical Guitar played on a classical guitar-strings and percussion, peaceful music track, Instrumental

Description: Euro Rock, Brit Rock,Get up and go pop track for a Japanese cartoon featuring cute leads or more serious robot characters with super powers explosions; synth parts may denote powerful feminine aspects, universally useable bed track for corporate use- strong tones of ambition, success power, wholesome energy driving bass, Instrumental, Pop Music, Euro-Pop

Description: Funky fresh dancehall Hiphop/reggae with elements of pop. Urban, Action Adventure, Drama / 30-Something, Drama / Mature, Video Games, TV, Film, Sci-Fi / Psychological. just a wide variety of themes. Airy, Jazzy, modern, teenager, woodwinds, brass, piano, drums,, Instrumental, Reggae Music, Dub-Hop

Description: A slinky sexy hybrid of trip-hop, shoegaze and janglepop, topped off with a killer chorus! Reminiscent of Devics, Curve, Air, etc. Lush smokey female vocals, erotic romantic, great for romantic drama, flirting, hooking up, lap dance, midnight at the club, seedy strip tease, gritty making out music. Female Vocals, Indie Rock Music, Jangle Pop

Description: Hard rock or heavy metal with modern screaming guitars. Powerful bass theme and surprisingly also some acoustic guitar fixed in. Good for background since the song doesn't "steal the whole show" even with the massive sound world. Good for corporate use, TV or radio commercials. Several versions. Instrumental, Corporate Music,

Description: Multi Platinum Selling a pop and R&B artist and club style with A Missy Elliott Dance feel. Destiny Child, Beyonce feel, Christina Agilera, Big upright bass providing pulsating rhythms, Huge ketal Drums, with open eastern flavored percussion. A woman's fed up with her man cheating. empowerment, men bashing, self worth, uplifting, woman an, Female Vocals, Sound-Alikes Music, Beyonce Soundalikes

Description: Meditative Reggae with funky drums, wah wah guitar and profound vocal piece. Take your timeout, lay back and let it flow. Good for scenes with impressive landscape or wide view. Instrumental, Reggae Music, Roots Reggae

Description: Funky, danceable hip-hop rap with Jamaican male lead ala Sean Paul, Shaggy, Wyclef Jean, Black-Eyed Peas; very commercial appeal. Good time, get up and dance music w/retro vibe. Male Rap & Vocals, Hip Hop Music, Party Rap & Hip Hop

Description: Contemporary fused zouk groovy Afro Pop music that can get the party started. This West African rhythmic style is fused with interesting synthersizers and breaks that are so dancy-like. Great for introducing an exotic feel into your production. Pop, African Music,

Description: From a slow and mystical start and a laid-back verse, this jazzy triphop vocal song keeps building into a lush and hopeful chorus. Excellent production, great female vocals and brassy fill-ins add to an overall mature pop-appeal that makes this one perfect for romantic drama and 25+ audiences. Female Vocals, Pop Music, Pop Music

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