Description: Soft music with straight rhythm and sharp atmospheric synthesizers for presentations, YouTube, TV and other your projects.

Description: An upbeat, very positive track using ukulele, piano, bells, acoustic guitar, claps, snaps and drums. It is an excellent choice, for presentations, children’s holidays, advertising and other positive background.

Description: This acoustic folk track contains a very positive melody on the whistle, simple chords on the ukulele and uplifting bells. Suitable for all kinds of corporate video, children’s content, business presentations, nature, travel, optimistic commercials.

Description: This is a funny and frightening orchestral track with the use of a string section, harpsichord, theremin and bells.

Description: Atmospheric ambient track using short synthesized sounds, glitch and electronic rhythm section for infographics, slideshows, presentations and other projects.

Description: This is a warm lounge track with pianos, sharp electronic arpeggio sounds, an air synth pad and a deep rhythm section. A great choice for travel, science, science fiction, advertising, Youtube, presentations and many other your TV, video projects.

Description: A powerful, inspiring epic track using staccato string section, brass, chorus, piano, guitar, drums and cinematic percussion. This is an excellent choice for trailers, action games, teasers, commercials and much more.

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