Description: Optimistic inspiring track with acoustic guitar, piano, harmonic guitar. Excellent choice for advertising, corporate inspiring films, documentaries and much more.

Description: Positive, easy track with distortion guitar, piano, staccato strings and light rhythm section for corporate videos, commercials, phonon music and more.

Description: Positive, minimalistic track with bells and electronic sounds. Suitable for slideshows, commercials, corporate videos and more.

Description: Positive, light, rhythmic music for corporate films, commercials and more.

Description: The ironic, jocular music track for Halloween, cartoon, trailers, games and other projects. At this track, the tempo begins at 125 bpm and, by the end, increases to 177 bpm.

Description: TimelIt is a melodic electronic track using pianos, reverse glitch sounds and a deep rhythm section for background music, inspiration, summer, technology and many other projects.apse Technology Background.wav

Description: This is a funny and frightening orchestral track with the use of a string section, harpsichord, theremin and bells.

Description: Light minimalistic track in tropical style with the use of guitars, marimba and deep rhythm section. It’s good for holidays, beaches, travel and other projects.

Description: A happy folk track using ukulele, whistles, claps, pianos, bells and an acoustic rhythm section for children’s holidays, summer, advertising, slideshows, YouTube and other positive video projects.

Description: This is a modern, emotional experimental track using pianos in reverse, sharp electronic sounds, staccato strings, electric guitars and deep rhythm sections. It’s great for nature, presentations, youtube, documentary and many other your projects.

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