Description: Swampy Blues music. Dirty sounding gritty down home blues music for TV, Film, or Gaming. Great for bayou, swamp, delta scenes and atmospheres. Or bad tough guy themes and badass theme music.

Description: Slow and rising orchestral music that begins with a soft choir singing a beautiful melody and slowly builds into an awesome wall of sound with an uplifting chord progression. This track would be great as trailer music. Sounds like vocals from Lord of the Rings

Description: Epic cinematic music for powerful and action videos. This hybrid orchestral/electronic track builds and builds with huge drums, soaring strings, giant guitars and aggressive heroic brass. Perfect for trailers or any dramatic production

Description: Funky and groovy 70s funk track with energy. Driving bass lines, funky guitars and drum patterns keep the energy high while a live sax section delivers the melody and harmonies. Great for TV, film, Theme Song, action, and more.

Description: Mixing a bit of synthesizer goodness with some traditional jam band funk instruments such as a Hammond B3-style organ, funky guitar hits, and an envelope filter / wah wah guitar solo

Description: Lies, Spies, Devious Ties is a groovy funk track with espionage and sneaky elements. Key elements used are vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, pizzicato strings, spy guitar, funk guitar, bass guitar, drum beat, triangle, bongos, guiro. Great for spy scenes, sneaking around, detectives, comedy, kids shows, action, spy videos, comedy.

Description: Strings, Marimbas, and vibes create a sneaky atmosphere . A goofy thief trying to break in or a neighbor snooping around the fence to spy. Perhaps some kids setting a trap to catch a clueless burglar. A clarinet plays a quirky melody.

Description: Baffoon is a light and quirky track featuring a bassoon, that create images of an bizarre but funny person in a strange situation. Perhaps someone snooping around or up to something. Perfect for TV shows, reality Shows, or kids programs.

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