Description: New York City: Empty Hotel Hallway: Ventilation, Distant Movement Ambience Hotel Ambiences

Description: New York City: Hotel Parking: Taxi And Valet, Cars, Voices, Whistles Ambience Hotel Ambiences

Description: Large Warehouse Store: Heavy Crowd, Voices, Activity; Shops & Stores

Description: New York City: Library Ambience: Light Voices, Footsteps, Distant Traffic Libraries, Museums & Art Galleries

Description: New York City: Hotel Lobby: Large Room: Crowd Ambience, Voices, Cash Register Hotel Ambiences

Description: Large Reverberant Room: Consumer Area: Medium Crowd, Clerks Stamping Ambience Office Ambiences

Description: In Large Atrium, Voices, Footsteps, Crowd, Ambience Shops & Stores

Description: Voices, Checkout, Music In B/G, Foreign, German, French, Ambience Shops & Stores

Description: Department Store, Busy, Hum Of Voices, Shop; Digiffects; Shops & Stores

Description: Hall, Museum Hall, Very Calm; Digiffects; Libraries, Museums & Art Galleries

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