Description: Betting Office, Hum Of Voices, New York, Usa, Shop; Digiffects; Office Ambiences

Description: Bank, Environment, Ambience, Calm, Queue Beep; Digiffects; Banks

Description: 1970S Bank Lobby: General Ambience, Footsteps, Voices, Typing Banks

Description: Pre Meeting Ambience, Heavy Paper Shuffle, No Voices Office Ambiences

Description: General Working Ambience. Light Voices, Heavy Movement, Traffic Bleed Office Ambiences

Description: Medium Office: General Ambience: Quiet Work Area, Ventilation, Distant Voices, Activity Increases; Office Ambiences

Description: Office Environment, Ambience, Calm, Environment, Ambience; Digiffects; Office Ambiences

Description: Computer Terminal, Apple Ii E; Digiffects; Computer Starts, Runs & Shut Downs

Description: Office Stapler, Label Maker, Photocopier, Adding Machine; Digiffects; Staplers & Staple Removers; Photocopiers; Adding Machines; Other General Office Equipment

Description: Office, Environment, Ambience, Big, Hum Of Voices, Phones; Digiffects; Office Ambiences

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