Description: Cowboys And Indians: Gun Fire, Cavalry Call, Horses Battle Ambiences

Description: Draw Hand Gun From Holster Handgun, Pistol & Revolver Foley

Description: Industrial Building Battle: Heavy Gunfire, Voices, Alarm In Background; Alarms, Battle Ambiences, Rifle Firing

Description: Urban Warfare Ambience: Machine Gun Fire, Tanks Maneuvering And Firing, Fighter Jets Overhead Giving Air Support; Battle Ambiences, Fighter Jets & Bombers, Machine Gun Firing, Military Tanks

Description: Civil War Battle: Heavy Gun And Cannon Ambience; Battle Ambiences, Cannons, Rifle Foley

Description: 19Th Century Battle: Heavy Constant Gunfire, Explosions, Sword Clanks; Battle Ambiences, Rifle Foley

Description: War, Machine Gun, Explosions, Shooting, Fire; Digiffects; Battle Ambiences

Description: Military Battle: Gunfire, Mortar And Artillery Explosions Battle Ambiences

Description: World War 2 Air Raid: Air Raid Siren, Planes Dropping Bombs, Crowd Panic, Explosions Ambience Historical Ambiences

Description: War Scene: Foxhole Battle, Heavy Gunfire, Explosions, Ricochets Historical Ambiences

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