Description: Copenhagen, Denmark: Group Of Emergency Sirens Pass By; World Ambiences; Denmark, City & Urban Ambiences, Ambulances & Ambulance Sirens

Description: Street, Children Playing, Excited, Arabic, Busy, Human; Digiffects; World Ambiences; Egypt; Schools & Playgrounds

Description: Merchant With Megaphone, Market Street, Pa Announcements, Arabic, Cairo; Digiffects; World Ambiences; Egypt; Markets & Bazaars; Announcements & Speeches

Description: Cheers, Traffic, Walla World Ambiences, England

Description: Food Store, Trolley, Shopping Cart, Ride, Version 1; Digiffects; World Ambiences; France; Shops & Stores

Description: Samu, Emergency Car, Passing, Sirens, Paris, France, Car, Alarm; Digiffects; World Ambiences; France; Police Vehicles & Sirens; Sirens

Description: Stock Market, Signals, Pa Announcements, Hum Of Voices, Large Hall, Paris, France; Digiffects; World Ambiences; France; Office Ambiences; Announcements & Speeches

Description: Berlin, Germany: Airport: Int: Information Board System: Crowd In Background Airports;World Ambiences, Germany

Description: Newspaper Vendor, Traffic, Berlin, Germany; Digiffects; World Ambiences

Description: Taxi, Mercedes Diesel, Starts Engine, Revving, Off, Berlin, Germany; Digiffects; World Ambiences

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