Description: Buenos Aires, Argentina: Public Transit Bus: Int: General Ambience While Riding, Voices; World Ambiences

Description: Bus, Doubledecker, Ride, Quiet Voices, Paying For Ticket, Bell Rings, London, England, Car; Digiffects; Public Transportation Interiors; World Ambiences

Description: School Bus: Int: Driving With Elementary Children, General Ambience, Heavy Voices; Buses

Description: Int: Ride Between Various Stops During Rush Hour, Light Passenger Movement Public Transportation Interiors

Description: Bus Station, Big, Hum Of Voices, Busy, Cape Town, South Africa; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences; World Ambiences; South Africa

Description: Bus, Big, Ride, Drives Off; Digiffects; Buses; Public Transportation Interiors

Description: City Transit Bus: Int: Driving During Rush Hour, Many Starts And Stops Public Transportation Interiors

Description: 1960'S Mercedes Diesel Bus: Int: Start, Drive at Normal Speed

Description: Dublin, Ireland: Bus Station: Int And Ext: Crowd Waiting To Board, Buses Idle, Signal Tone Bus Stations;World Ambiences, Ireland

Description: Budapest, Hungary: Transit Bus: Int: Ride Through Various Stops, Light Crowd

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