Description: Truck, Lorry, Peterbilt, Starts, Drives Off, Car; Digiffects; Transport & Mack Trucks; Car Drive Aways

Description: Hummer H1 Suv: Ext: Start, Idle, Pull Away, Medium Speed On Trail, From Rear, Sport Utility Vehicle Hummers & Humvees

Description: Range Rover Suv: Ext: On Board: Drive Off Road Over Mixed Terrain Land Rovers

Description: Ext: Start, Idle, Pull Away, Fast Speed, Exit R, Ford Ford Trucks

Description: Large Rear Loading Garbage Truck: Compacting Garbage Trucks & Street Sweepers

Description: Truck Race, Class 3, Flying Start, Car; Digiffects; Racing Trucks

Description: Off Road Truck Race: Ext: Race Ambience: In and Out of Corner, Crowd In Background, Light Voices

Description: 18 Wheeler Transport Truck: Ext: Pass By at Medium Speed

Description: Military 1920'S Crossley Truck: Ext: Approach, Pull Up and Stop, Shut Off, Heavy Brake Squeal

Description: Volkswagen, Lorry, Small, Automatic, 2007, Window, Manual; Other Truck Manufacturer; Car Windows

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