Description: Small Diesel Locomotive: On Board: Int: Idle, Idle, Pull Away, Bells, Radio Communication With Engineer; Bells, Announcements & Speeches, Trains

Description: Platform Ambience, Trains Coming And Going, Subway, German, Foreign Train Station Ambiences

Description: Trains, Passing, Close, Distant Cars, Winter, Sweden; Digiffects; Trains

Description: Large Diesel Passenger Train: Int: Passenger Car, Idle, Pull Away, Normal Speed, Slow To Stop; Public Transportation Interiors, Trains

Description: General Ambience: Trains, P.A., Foreign, German, Subway Train Station Ambiences;Announcements & Speeches

Description: Train, Ride In Passenger Car, Modern; Digiffects; Trains

Description: Small Diesel Passenger Train: Ext: On Board: Train Pulls Away, Engine, Voices, Horn, Crossing Bell, Wheel Clatter; Public Transportation Interiors, Trains

Description: Country Railroad Crossing: Crickets, Signal Bell, Gate Drop, Freight Train Pass By, Horn Blasts

Description: Freight Train: Approach And Pass By Trains

Description: Paris, France: Train Station: Trains Exit And Enter Station, Light Crowd, P.A. Announcements, Heavy Air Releases Ambience, Foreign Train Station Ambiences;World Ambiences, France;Announcements & Speeches

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