Description: Offroad Desert Racers: Cars Approach Start Line One At A Time, Idle And Rev, Pull Away Race Cars;Car Races

Description: Stock Cars: Race Ambience: Start Of Race, Crowd Cheering, Cars Start, Long Idle, Pull Away, Distant Pa, Jet Dryer Passing At End, Nascar; Race Track Ambiences, Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds, Announcements & Speeches, Car Muf

Description: Indy Race Cars: Indoor Car Paddock Ambience: Light Activity, Air Guns, Voices, Ventilation; Race Track Ambiences

Description: Nascar Stock Cars: Race Ambience; Cars Racing, Crowd, Pa Race Cars;Car Races;Announcements & Speeches

Description: Gts Series Cars: Pit Lane; Cars Into Pits, Close Up Car Idle, Car Revs In Background, Crews Working, Cars Exit Race Cars

Description: Indy Race Cars: Many Cars Drive By On Straightaway; Car Races, Race Cars

Description: Stock Car: Int: Idle, Run Pace Lap Race Cars;Car Races

Description: Indy Racing Car: On Board: Idle, Drive Through Road Track Race Cars

Description: Offroad Desert Racers: Driving Onboard Race Cars;Car Races

Description: Stock Car: Int: Idle, Pull Out Of Pit, Race Around Oval Track Race Cars;Car Races

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