Description: Ocean Fishing Trawler: 150 Hp Inboard: On Board: Start, Reverse, Drive At Fast Speed, Slow To Reverse, Shut Off, From Cabin, Boat Fishing Trawlers

Description: Bus, Big, Horn, Honk, 3 Versions; Digiffects; Comic Noisemakers; Horns

Description: Tug Boat Horn: One Long Blast Horns;Fire Boats & Tug Boats

Description: Fibreglass Canoe: Single Paddler: Ext: Pass By, Boat Canoes & Kayaks

Description: Three Masted Schooner: On Board: Heavy Wind Through Sails, Wake Splash Sailboats

Description: Small Sailboat: Sail Being Hoisted Up Sailboats

Description: 6 Hp Outboard Fishing Boat: Ext: Pass By At Medium Speed Small Engine Motor Boats

Description: Jet Propulsion Boat: 420 Hp: On Board: Drive At Fast Speed, Various Accelerations, Wake, Some Wind; Jet Propulsion Boats

Description: Jet Propulsion Boat: 420 Hp: Ext: Start, Pull Away At Fast Speed; Jet Propulsion Boats

Description: Sport Fishing Boat: V12 Ocean Cruiser: On Board: Start, Drive At Fast Speed, Slow To Stop, Shut Off, Heavy Hull Hits, From Forward Cabin Miscellaneous Pleasure Watercraft

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