Description: Boxing Club Ambience: Male Crowd, Heavy Cheering, Fight Bell To Start Round, Sports Arenas & Stadiums

Description: Mexico City: Professional Boxing Match: Single Round, Fight Bell Ring, Heavy Crowd Cheering, Chanting, Ring Ambience, Sports Arenas & Stadiums

Description: Vintage Boxing Fight Bell: Single Ring, Sports Bells;Boxing

Description: Fight Bell: Constant Rings For Alarm; Bells, Boxing

Description: Speed Bag: Boxer Working Out On Speed Bag, Slow To Fast Pace, Close Perspective; Boxing

Description: Heavy Punching Bag Workout, Heavy Breathing, Sports Boxing

Description: Shadow Boxing, Sports Boxing

Description: Punching Bag: Short Punching Burst Boxing

Description: Boxing, Practice Match, No Spectators; Digiffects; Boxing

Description: Boxing Crowd: Large: Bell, General Ambience, Sports Bells;Boxing

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