Description: Mountain Top Ambience: Gusty Low Wind Through Trees, Light Birds, Wood Creaks; Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences, Birds, Wind

Description: Wind, Howling; Digiffects; Wind

Description: Whistling Wind, Weather Wind

Description: Violent Sandstorm: Heavy Wind, Sand, Weather Storms & Natural Disasters;Wind

Description: Wind Through Leaves, Weather Wind

Description: Wind Ambience: Heavy Wind With Flag Flapping And Brass Wind Chimes; Cloth, Clothing, Fabric & Leather Foley, Rustle & Shuffle Foley, Outdoor Household & Gardening, Miscellaneous Household, Wind

Description: Mountain Wind: Heavy, Various Intensities Wind

Description: Ghost Town Ambience: Howling Wind, Wood And Metal Creaks, Horror, Weather Horror & Haunted Ambiences

Description: Blustery Wind Howl And Whistle, Weather Wind

Description: Ghostly, With Whistling

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