Description: Underwater Rain: Shallow Water, Medium, Constant Miscellaneous Underwater

Description: Underwater Rain: Deep Water, Heavy, Constant With Slight Runoff Miscellaneous Underwater

Description: Underwater Rain: Heavy, Constant Roar Miscellaneous Underwater

Description: Rain Water Pouring From Overhang Onto Hard Surface, Hard Splattering Rain

Description: Medium Rain, Weather Rain

Description: Rain, Heavy, On Lake, Water; Digiffects; Rain

Description: Rain, External, Water; Digiffects; Rain

Description: Water Running Out Of Downspout, Rain In Background ; Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences, Rain

Description: Hail, On Window; Digiffects; Rain

Description: Rain, Thunder Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Thunder Rumbles; Digiffects; Rain; Thunder & Lightning

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