Description: Barcelona, Spain: Downtown Street Ambience: Heavy Crowd and Activity, Traffic

Description: Ukraine: Bank Ambience: Heavy Crowd Walla, Close Voices, Activity, Constant Printer

Description: Istanbul, Turkey: Street Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Voices, Footsteps

Description: Ukraine: Night Time City Park Ambience: Heavy Insects, Light Voices and Activity, Distant Traffic

Description: Istanbul, Turkey: Market Ambience: Heavy Outdoor Crowd, Close Voices, Activity

Description: Mexico: Small Outdoor Market: General Ambience, Heavy Voices, Vendors

Description: India: Rickshaw: Onboard: Start, Drive Through Traffic, Light Voices

Description: Italy: Pedestrian Street Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Voices, Activity

Description: Italy: Duomo Cathedral: Int: Heavy Crowd, Heavy Room Ambience

Description: India: Night Time Village Ambience: Insects, Distant Indoor Voices

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