Description: Room Tone: Air Exchange Room: Constant System Running; Room Tones

Description: Library, Environment, Ambience, Large, Reverberating Hall, Hum Of Voices; Digiffects; Libraries, Museums & Art Galleries

Description: Laboratory With Electrical Hum And Water Drips Industries & Factories

Description: General Ambience, B/G Voices, Footsteps, Vent Hum Office Ambiences

Description: Burglar In Office, Violent Search Through Drawers, Cabinets; Digiffects; Office Ambiences

Description: Apartment, Room, Open Window, Voices, Kids, Environment, Ambience, Barcelona; Digiffects; Room Tones

Description: Household Spray Can, Squeeze Bottles, Toilet, Vacuum Cleaner, Cleaning Glass; Digiffects; Room Tones

Description: Kitchen, Clock Ticking, Environment, Ambience, Ambience; Digiffects; Room Tones; Household Furniture

Description: Putting Away Dishes In Cupboard, Kitchen, Environment From Adjoining Room, Kitchen; Digiffects, Ambience; Kitchen & Dining Room

Description: University Lecture Hall: Medium Group Preparing For Lecture Ambience, Crowd Schools & Playgrounds

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