Description: Medium Bar Or Pub: Heavy Crowd Ambience, Voices, Laughter, Screaming, Whistles; Restaurants, Cafes & Cafeterias

Description: Busy Saloon Ambience: Lively Crowd Bars & Pubs

Description: Bar Ambience: Heavy Young Crowd, Heavy Voices, Activity

Description: Athens, Greece: Medium Bar Ambience: Heavy Voices, Light Dishes, Low Ceiling

Description: Night Club, Bar, Very Busy, Restaurant, Hum Of Voices; Digiffects; Bars & Pubs

Description: Athens, Greece: Outdoor Bar Ambience: Heavy Voices City Rumble

Description: Bar, Lively, Strong Hum Of Voices, New York, Usa, Restaurant; Digiffects; Bars & Pubs

Description: Medium Crowd In Bar; Vintage Recording; Bars & Pubs

Description: Restaurant, Pub, Hum Of Voices, Glass Sounds, Brittish; Digiffects; Bars & Pubs

Description: Large Bar Or Pub: Heavy Crowd Ambience; Bars & Pubs

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