Description: Wind, Soft To Medium, Shifting, Deciduous Forest, Close; Digiffects; Forests, Jungles & Swamps; Wind

Description: Jungle, Birds, Monkeys, Mixed Environment, Ambience; Digiffects; Forests, Jungles & Swamps; Birds; Primates; Monkeys, Chimps, Apes

Description: Wind In Forest; Digiffects; Forests, Jungles & Swamps; Wind

Description: Jungle Rain Forest: Night Time Ambience: Very Loud Cicada in Foreground

Description: Jungle Rain Forest: Daytime Ambience: Group of Distant Hornbills Calling

Description: Daytime Jungle or Rain Forest Ambience: Close Howler Monkeys Groaning, Distant Birds

Description: Native Dancers: Singing, Music Choral Music & Music With Voices;Musical Themes & Anthems

Description: Movement Of Animals Forests, Jungles & Swamps

Description: Various Birds, Frogs, Crickets Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Various Birds, Brook In B/G Forests, Jungles & Swamps

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