Description: Metal Stress Creaks And Pressurized Water Pipe Burst; Shut Off And Dribble On Floor Air, Gases & Steam

Description: Auto Repair Shop, Changing, Pneumatic Socket Wrench, Car, Workshop, Tools; Digiffects; Gas & Service Station

Description: Factory Ambience, Mechanical, Gas And Steam Noises; Vintage Recording; Industries & Factories; Factory & Industrial Equipment; Air, Gases & Steam

Description: Hammering By Two People, Wood, Construction Construction & Demolition Ambiences;Hammers

Description: Large Warehouse: Ext: General Ambience, Forklifts, Voices, Light Activity; Industries & Factories, Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Ignition Bulb Engine, Electric Powerstation, Start; Digiffects; Engines, Motors & Machines

Description: Rock Quarry: Heavy Machinery: General Ambience, Heavy Bucket Scrapes From Front End Loader; Industries & Factories, Engines, Motors & Machines, Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Rock Drill, Machine, Big, Distant, Version 2; Digiffects; Industries & Factories; Drills, Electric

Description: Metal Fabrication Plant Ambience: Loud Metal Working And Welding, Factory Industries & Factories

Description: Cleaning Plant: Steam Pressing Machine, B/G, Factory Air, Gases & Steam

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