Description: University Common Room: Heavy Crowd Walla, Laughter

Description: Wedding Reception: Dessert, Clinking Glasses, Party Restaurants, Cafes & Cafeterias

Description: Wedding Reception: Arrival Of Guests, Receiving Line, Party Restaurants, Cafes & Cafeterias

Description: Hum Of Voices, Usa, Inside Theater, 50 People; Digiffects; Theaters & Cinemas

Description: Bedouins In Tent, Voices, Rooster In B/G World Ambiences, Egypt

Description: Female: Small Group Talking, Party Female Only Crowds;Female Only Human Voices;Laughter

Description: Male: Small Group Talking, Party Male Only Crowds;Male Only Human Voices

Description: Supermarket, Environment, Ambience, Calm, Mall; Digiffects; Shops & Stores

Description: Supermarket Check Out Area Shops & Stores

Description: Supermarket Shopping Shops & Stores

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