Description: Trumpet: Military Accent, Cartoon Comedy Music: Trumpet

Description: Low Snare Drum: Military Accent, Cartoon Comedy Percussion: Drums

Description: Mouth Pop, Comedy, Cartoon Comedy Chants & Vocals

Description: Round And Round: Perky, Playful, Energetic, Cartoon Comedy Music Themes

Description: Tuba: Two Note Marching Accent, Cartoon Comedy Music: Tuba

Description: Electric Bass: Quick Scratches, Cartoon Comedy Music: Bass

Description: Ship And Hold, Low, Bright, Modulating; Digiffects; Musical Stabs, Bridges & Accents; Magic, Spells, Fantasy Accents & Glisses

Description: Marching Cymbals: Several Hits, Cartoon Comedy Percussion: Cymbals

Description: Flute: Fast Warble, Cartoon Comedy Music: Flute

Description: Electric Guitar: Low Wobbly Ping, Cartoon Comedy Music: Guitar

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