Description: Big Record Scratch, Comedy, Cartoon Comic Friction Accents

Description: Body Fall On Ground, Comedy, Cartoon Comic Hits & Skids;Human Impact Foley

Description: Cartoon Fall And Crash; Comic Hits & Skids

Description: One Blow, Noisemaker Horns;Comic Noisemakers

Description: Brass Chimes: Gliss Up, Cartoon Comedy Percussion: Chimes

Description: Very Large Wooden Ratchet Spinner: Very Fast Twirl; Comic Friction Accents, Comic Noisemakers

Description: Clock Ticking Household Furniture

Description: Light Fuse With Match, Explosion, Comedy Comic Air Accents;Comic Hits & Skids

Description: Sloppy Slime Gushes, Comedy, Cartoon Comic Liquid Accents

Description: Rattling, Music, Rattlesnake, Animal, Reptile Comic Noisemakers

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