Description: In The Trash, Growling, Groaning, Moaning, Movement, Breaths, Munching And Chewing, Occasional Light B/G Birds, Occasional B/G Vehicle, Ambience Bears

Description: Large Group Squeaking Bats

Description: Bat Cave: Bats Flying In And Out Of Reverberant Cave, Wind Rushes; Bats

Description: Flock, Squeaking And Chattering Bats

Description: Biting, Grass Rustling, Breaths, Crunching Bite Bears

Description: Flock, Squeaks With Chatters Bats

Description: Slower Panting, Close Up Bears

Description: Wildlife Ambience On Plains Other Wild Animals

Description: Black Bear: Sniffing, Licking, Light Groans Bears

Description: Faster Panting, Varies Bears

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