Description: Horse Walking On Dirt, Leather Bridle, Foley, Animal Horses

Description: Horse Walking On Dirt, Foley, Animal Horses

Description: Neighing, Grunting, Squealing, Animal Horse Drawn Carriages, Wagons And Sleds

Description: Horse, Whinnying, Snorting, Stable, Animal, 13 Versions; Digiffects; Horses

Description: Horse, Soft Surface, Continuous, Trot, Animal; Digiffects; Horses

Description: Nervous Horse, Snorts, Blows, Whinnies Horses

Description: Horse, Gallop, Ride, Gravel, Animal; Digiffects; Horses

Description: Breathing And Chewing On Bridle, Animal Horses

Description: Horse Race, Trotters, Passing, Animal; Digiffects; Horses; Race Track Ambiences

Description: Two Horses, Trot In Steady, Hard Dirt, Trot Out Horses

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