Description: Heavy Dinosaur Footsteps, Big Growls And Roars Ambience, Animal Dinosaurs

Description: Dinosaur Environment, Ambience, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Fantasy Ambiences; Sci Fi Ambiences; Dinosaurs

Description: Dragonids Hive Ambience Dragon & Reptilian Creatures

Description: Lava Creature Crawling Miscellaneous Monsters, Beasts & Creatures

Description: Large Alien Crowd: Heavy Walla; Sci Fi Ambiences, Sci Fi & Computer Voices

Description: Lair Ambience, Fierce Combative Creature Growls Creature Growls, Roars & Snarls

Description: T Rex, Steps, 4 Versions; Digiffects; Dinosaurs; Creature Stomping & Footsteps

Description: A Field Of Cricket-Like Insects

Description: Large Swarm Of Seplavite Soul Eaters Flying And Chattering Bird-Like Creatures

Description: The Thing In The Attic: Even More Pissed Off

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