Description: Old Mechanical 8Mm Film Camera, Circa 1955: On, Run Fast, Steady, Stop; Cameras, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Camera, Instamatic, Click, Wind, Rewind; Digiffects; Cameras

Description: Automatic 35Mm Point And Shoot Camera: Film Rewind; Cameras

Description: Antique Manual Movie Camera: Start, Run, Shut Off, Power Runs Out; Cameras, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Into Leather Case, Creaks, Snaps Cameras

Description: Camera Vertical Motor: Start, Run, Stop Cameras

Description: Camera, Handling; Digiffects; Cameras

Description: Super 8 Camera, On, Off; Digiffects; Cameras

Description: Camera, Motor, Click, 6 Versions; Digiffects; Cameras

Description: Electronic Flash: Flash Pop And Charging Whine Cameras

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