Description: A collection of short, funny sound effects. Could be used for cartoons and animation, games, interfacing sounds, ring tones and more. The sounds are produced vocally, bodily and with musical instruments.

Description: A happy and uplifting track full of motivation and joy. The track contains female vocal samples, ukulele, bass guitar, piano, saxophone, drums and percussion, mallet instruments and string samples.

Description: Variations of punch, kick, and slap sound effects.

Description: Interior sound of a family car driving on a small city road.

Description: Sound effect of rapid breathing. The sound file is loopable.

Description: Cell phone vibration sound effect - the file is loopable.

Description: An intense musical horror logo. A driving build-up containing orchestral instruments, voice effects, percussion, theremin and sound effects. Perfect for Halloween!

Description: A short horror theme that will work perfectly as an introduction or a logo/ident. Perfect for Halloween! Contains dark orchestral strings, theremin, percussion, false piano, voices and sound effects.

Description: Evil male laughter, with som reverb added to enhance an evil and dark atmosphere.

Description: An intensive horror logo/ident with a buid-up. Sounds used are heartbeat, vocal sounds, orchestral instruments, percussion and sound effects. Perfect for Halloween!

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