Description: It is a melodic dance song that contains female vocals. Se trata de una canción dance melódica que contiene voces femeninas.

Description: It is a musical sequence of melodic electro style.

Description: Synth pop song sung with synthetic guitars. Pianos and synthesizers.

Description: It is a summer dance style song with a fresh sound and full of joy. Contains female voice. With many influences from the music of the 90s.

Description: Progressive Dance Song style. Juicy catchy melodies. Female voices. Canción Dance de estilo Progressive. Jugosas melodías pegadizas. Voces femeninas.

Description: It is a musical sequence of a soft electronic style.With a leisurely pace but absorbs you.Start with just a bass and percussion and part goes where it enters a little guitar

Description: This is a difficult song to encompass style. It has a touch of electro reggae dance with voices. Contains a melody that reaches your soul.

Description: This is an electronic song with female vocals and catchy melodies succulent.

Description: It is a dance style song heavily influenced by the style that is danced on the dance floor by the 90s. Contains female voice. It has incredible parties full of magic to your productions retroactively. Se trata de una canción de estilo dance muy influenciada por el estilo que se bailaba en las pistas de baile por la década de los 90. Contiene voz femenina. Tiene partes increibles llenas de magia para tus producciones de carácter retro.

Description: This is a very melodic musical sequence motivational style.Made with soft percussion sounds.The main instruments are the piano, bass and synthesizer.It's a song that fits your needs very well when a multimedia production acclimate social or motivational. Se trata de una secuencia musical muy melódica de estilo Motivacional.Realizada con sonidos de percusión suaves.Los instrumentos principales son el piano, el bajo y un sintetizador.Es una canción que se ajusta muy bien a tus necesidades a la hora de ambientar una producción multimedia de carácter social o motivacional.

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