Description: a bossa nova that is the picture of happiness featuring piano, electric piano, bass, guitar and congas.

Description: a playful and dancelike samba with piano, electric piano, bass, guitar,congas and percussion.

Description: a silly name for a cool samba featuring piano, electric piano, bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

Description: Life takes balance and drive to get where you want to go, like this song featuring electric piano, bass, drums, guitar and percussion.

Description: A very mellow and polite ballad with classical leanings featuring piano and acoustic guitar.

Description: A dramatic and mysterious bossa nova in 6/4 time with piano, electric bass, drums, guitar and electric piano.

Description: Jazz trio makes a friendly overture to break the ice. Easygoing and happy. piano, bass, drums.

Description: An extremely happy and joyous bossa nova with piano, bass, drums with brushes, vibes and guitar.

Description: Avenues normally run parallel except in Pittsburgh, PA. featuring piano, vibes, bass and drums.

Description: A jazz ballad with a soft rock feel featuring piano, bass, drums and organ.

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