Description: A haunting yet relaxed easy listening tune, featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and percussion.

Description: A mellow medium tempo new age Latin tune with a battle between angst and hopefulness, featuring piano, guitars, electric bass, vibes and percussion.

Description: A warm and relaxed soft rock tune with piano, flute, marimba, acoustic guitar, electric bass and drums.

Description: A very hopeful and dreamy love song filled with confident desire featuring piano, accordion, acoustic guitar, bass and drums with brushes.

Description: A solo piano tune filled with desperation and a hint of hope.

Description: A song of lamentation about what might have been, featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums with brushes.

Description: A song of slow healing and encouragement featuring piano, acoustic guitar, drums and acoustic bass.

Description: A warm and mellow piano and acoustic guitar duet full of hope and wonderment.

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