Description: A jazz swing tune full of total agreement with no reservations featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A driving, cooking jazz swing tune with rhythm and harmony that propels the melody upward featuring electric piano, guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and a cookin drummer.

Description: A reflective and peaceful ballad begins with solo piano,then adds acoustic guitar, bass, vibes.

Description: A very deliberate and purposeful jazz tune with drums with brushes, piano, guitar and vibes.

Description: A straight ahead jazz tune with it's own set of instructions for musical satisfaction, the real deal, featuring piano, acoustic bass, vibes and kickin drummer with big ears.

Description: A very minimalist and redundant melody the goes along slightly illogically picking up various instruments on the way.

Description: A jazz reggae type tune with bowed basses, piano, guitar, drums and accordion.

Description: Melody, harmony and rhythm work as one to create a groove that is an exciting and funky vibe to make any story believable. Featuring piano, electric piano, guitar, flute, vibes, bass and drums.

Description: We are always trying to understand the unknown and live in peace with it. Smooth jazz groove music with sultry ambience. Featuring piano, synth pad, electric piano, guitar, bass, cello, drums and percussion.

Description: a magical and ethereal sounding jazz waltz with piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and vibes.

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