Description: grand piano, acoustic bass, drums. Flirty and sassy in her flashy new ensemble!.

Description: A swinging, jazzy happy-go-lucky tune with piano, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: A laid back melody morphs into swing double time piano solo. Fun and frisky this tune is just a happy reminder to have a good time. Piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass.

Description: A sultry and sad jazz swing tune filled with remorse and a slight amount of hope, featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A very intimate jazz waltz with no drums. This tune is a little secretive and celebratory featuring piano, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: Happy and positive piano melody supported by warm acoustic bass and drums with brushes. Classic jazz trio in a cool and unhurried setting.

Description: A riff based funk tune with piano, bass and drums

Description: A mellow and tender jazz ballad with traditional piano, bass and drums with brushes.

Description: The title comes from the drummers sound when a stick hits the cymbals in a tasty jazz trio that's tippin' from beginning to end.

Description: A hammock, a lake and two people in love on a mellow summer day. This song is a balmy afternoon with nothing to do but relax. It features piano, bass and drums with brushes.

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