Description: Experimental strange spaced ambient music clip.

Description: Futuristic sci-fi ambient electronic intro. Calm, peaceful and friendly magic music.

Description: Strange experimental hip hop glitch minimal music track. Rhythmic and contemporary sample made groove. Peaceful and laid back stuff.

Description: Calm relaxing meditative hang drum music. Track loop suitable for arcade video game, presentation and travel video.

Description: Texture soundscape electronic cinematic ambient music. Slow vibrations and pads for stars and far galactic in cosmos space meditation.

Description: Long cinematic slow ambient soundscape Asian music, based on ethnic flute sound. This track make mystic historical and travel sense.

Description: Slow tender relaxing positive music clip for intro, outro, logo and ident usage.

Description: Fairy magic harp and piano music clip descending like a waves or crystals. Good stuff for transition and short unreal moment and event.

Description: Magic fairy arpeggio Celtic harp short music clip, good for cartoon and children show, transition and logo, intro and outro.

Description: Fairy magic Celtic harp glissando descending thrice.

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