Description: Jazzy down-tempo funk music with cool groove for fashionable life.

Description: Super energetic Afro funk music, hot and shaking.

Description: Nice positive melody on the flute. This medieval music piece is happy and naive like a morning in wonder kingdom.

Description: Funny sound of laughing baby toddler child. Bright fun happy humorous pack.

Description: Soulful traditional Armenian melody on the duduk. Touching woodwind music telling the sad wisdom story from the mountains.

Description: Slow sad cinematic eastern music, meditative and spacey. Good for storytelling and video about Arabian people and religion.

Description: Meditative serious spiritual oriental instrumental music. Good for storytelling and video about east people. Slow sad flute track, meditative and spacey. Hot century sands of Arabic world is in this sound.

Description: Calm relaxing meditative hang drum music. Track suitable for arcade video game, presentation and travel video.

Description: Fairy magic Celtic harp glissando descending. Funny cartoon and performance sound.

Description: Harp sound moving glissando ascending . Short cartoon, comical and fairy tale effect.

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