Description: Gentle calm piano melody for a lyric and dreamy moments. You can use the full version and a looped track.

Description: Light merry music with Chinese sound. Get closer to the oriental streets with fun carefree people on a sunny day.

Description: Pretentious uplifting music for big fish. Cold smooth and steady beat.

Description: Sad meditative lounge music of a beautiful black eyes and hot century sands of Arabic world.

Description: Intro logo hi-tech short sound clip with special effects for AE and 3D splash and presentations starts. Contains a lot of electronic sounds, switches, and a simple melody.

Description: Very energetic fast drive track. Extreme, speed, adrenaline.

Description: Powerful dynamic aggressive guitar track for acceleration. Sharp synth melodies with a basis on the Restless guitar riffs and loud drums. Courage, reaction, adrenaline for everyone.

Description: Lyrical song on the piano and string ensemble. Romantic, sentimental and bright emotion.

Description: Jazz sketch, played classic jazz-band: grand piano, upright bass and drums. Dance and rhythmic, it could become the background for spyware, adventure or hooligan scene.

Description: Dry synthetic music for technocratic century. Simple background with effects for electronic commerce.

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