Description: Very lyrical sad instrumental piano music about bad mood feelings. Emotional melody keep you tearful.

Description: Sad lyrical sentimental piano music like a tears of a little girl.

Description: Gloomy and a bit mystical slow quiet cinematic track. Feels like a foreboding of the coming dark night.

Description: Blissful gentle dreamy piano gives a feeling of happiness and serenity.

Description: Proud positive hopeful piano music track. It is full of kindness and nobility.

Description: Repetitive, pulsating, soothing instrumental piano music, hypnotic like a quiet long rain.

Description: Calm melodic instrumental piano music, smooth and airy. Slow romantic dreaming background.

Description: Happy romantic wonderful piano music full of bliss and dreams. Serene classical chamber theme.

Description: A piano instrumental track, relaxing like the murmur of a forest stream, full of harmony and unity with nature. Slow dreamy calm happy music.

Description: Intro logo soft hi-tech short sound clip with special effects for AE and 3D splash and presentations starts. Contains a lot of electronic sounds, switches, and a simple melody.

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