Description: Strange suspense psy experimental music for sci-fi, phichological and crime intro.

Description: Created by guitar and synth with percussion, movie slow dark ambient music texture.

Description: Deep monotone bass synth sound.

Description: Slow dark piano music for sad event.

Description: Sad cinematic music with duduk and ambient pads. Tears and hope.

Description: Ethereal sleeping picture music. Magic and strange, ambient and blur.

Description: Dark suspense mystic cinematic track. This music good for fairy tale, evil stories.

Description: The mysterious sinister scary musical texture with elements of jungle sounds for the movie.

Description: Suspense mystic music in style of news report background. Rhythmic, pulsing and alarming.

Description: Anxious, sad, careful composition, associated with a dark, mysterious woods full of mysterious and terrible creatures. Crouching clarinet, monotonous piano, marching drums and ringing glockenspiel. Be careful!

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