Description: Progressive song that symbolizes the desire to dream, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, with a slight touch of Djent, this song is the first single one man band Systematic Chaos, composer and writer by me - Serge Chaos :)

Description: The song describes the picture of the destruction of the world, the world after the apocalypse. perhaps a very good idea to look in any destruction of Fame. violin and cello in the second part shows the fragility of human nature

Description: melodic but dark song symbolizes the beginning of the end - perhaps the apocalypse, stiffness and gloom combined with melodic chorus, which is in contrast to adjust a positive way, though minor mood

Description: a song about a dream, a person goes through life and dreams about all sorts of things, and then he moves to the goal of reaching what I want, looking back at the path and remembers where he started. this is a positive song, no sorrow and destruction and sadness.

Description: It was a dark and gloomy walk in the rain, moon and stars, hidden by clouds. tragedy and a negative outcome, but on the other hand look at the sky - the gaps between the clouds gives perspective dreams - star, it brightens up the hopelessness

Description: Track about children's dream. very impressive

Description: Piano song, it's very private.

Description: This is single of my heart, first of all

Description: The song symbolizes the end of any event, in my case, farewell my love - she died.

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