Description: A descriptive piece evocative of the conflicts between human greed and the unalterable essence of nature. Strings show the way into an unspoilt world, where we hear the sounds of nature and tribalism. All hell breaks loose before an inspiring ending seems to suggest that despite human's evil threat, nature's essence remains forever unthreatened.

Description: Energetic, dance club type of track which is a tad faster than the original version Never not Dance. For those who dance faster!

Description: An Arab-Andalusian escape, featuring strings, as well as piano and guitars improvisatory-like solos.

Description: Smooth easy listening guitars track with an improvisatory feel

Description: Smooth guitars and light percussions for an easy listening pop track

Description: Guitars, chill out easy listening type of track (short clip version)

Description: A short catchy and assertive tune, with persistent rock percussions and original lead instrument. Perfect for commercials needing to portray a confident and cool masculine image, or for corporate presentations where you need to transmit confidence, positiveness and boldness.

Description: This is perfect to accompany horror, frantic movie scenes that depict anxiety, obsession, murder, madness, shock, etc. You will want to shut your eyes and ears!

Description: A warm, calm and trust inducing corporate logo to enhance your company's presence.

Description: A short, direct and powerful sound outburst perfect for use in horror, suspense or thriller movies to accompany scenes seeking to create shock or surprise.

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