Description: Acoustic worldy rhythmic melodic atmospheric instrumental piece for violin, guitar, and percussion.

Description: A bit solemn at first, then pretty meditative, kinda new age rather melodic chamber composition for flute and keyboards.

Description: Melodic acoustic violin-vocals-guitar-percussion romantic song, somewhat passionate, a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Description: Instrumental atmospheric cantabile piece for flute and keyboard.

Description: A bit peculiar song, slightly oriental feel, somewhat rhythmic with odd vocals, guitar, double bass, and drums.

Description: Melodic folk rock acoustic romantic song, maybe a bit reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel, maybe a bit of Ian Anderson's Jethro Tull.

Description: Pretty peculiar, intense and atmospheric, vocal/instrumental composition.

Description: Chamber folk dance for flute, violin, accordion, double bass, and percussion.

Description: Sweet passionate chamber cantabile for violin and guitar. The Italian title means something like "the little rainbow from every tear".

Description: Dance-like, then rather meditative, folkish chamber composition for keyboards with pretty orchestral sounds.

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