Description: Crazy and very fun piece. Kazoo soloing on a catchy and groovy bed. Works great on advertising, comedy and quirky/catchy stuff.

Description: Strong distorted guitars dueling while synths, drum and bass do the rest. Hard/Heavy Rock style that works very well for high impact atmosphere.

Description: Killer guitar riffs in your face, Hardcore, modern heavy metal track with a big, slamming wall of guitar riffs, atmospheric synths. Serious sound for WWE and extreme sports.

Description: Modern Dance/Pop sounds meet distorted guitar in a very powerful piece. The vibe is that of some big, up to date productions. The perfect choice for high impact commercial,advertising,Film,TV,Sports,Radio,Clubs.

Description: Game shows like The Millionaire, industrial sounds with deep heavy distorted guitars. Very good for ethereal backgrounds and suspense

Description: Full of rhythm guitar riffs and industrial sounds. Hammering Intro, pressing strophe and electronic refrain with a taste of dance music. Dark and thick sound for action scenes and extreme sports. Aggressive and powerful.

Description: During a long journey across mountains, rivers and lakes. Sitting in front of a fire and playing a simple melody with acoustic guitar recalling the best experiences.

Description: It works very well on a videogame in puzzle or maze style. The sound is similar to some old coin-op game. The melodies are twisted and almost irritating but strike back to certain penny arcades. Also good for TV kids shows or Flash videos.

Description:  Articulated in 4 parts, contains atmospheres from dreamy to mighty, from mysterious to melancholy. Modern orchestral sound with intense themes excellent for films or video games in fantasy style. The little Fairy of the air is flying around around your head.

Description: The harmony of the world. All human races merge into a single large planet with its differences, but in peace. The time of human folly is ended. Great for documentaries

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