Description: This track brings out the innocence of love when we were young. Naive and innocent it stays down to earth, but keeps things moving.

Description: Faure’s sensual melodies are perfect for this arrangement, featuring the Flute, Guitar, Harp, and Piano.

Description: Chill track with a constant beat to move it forward. Reminiscent of Moby and similar artists.

Description: Begins with a relaxed and cool piano theme, later to be joined with rapid strings and a laid back beat.

Description: Success is the sum of many achievements. Driving synths, pianos, and a strong beat, keeps building for two minutes, then exhales for the remainder. With a gradual release into an expansive soundscape, this piece begins relaxing and content. Inspiration Unfolds will brighten up your mood, without being aggressive. It is driving, yet subtle.

Description: High energy dance song that will lay great with your products and presentations.

Description: Both relaxing and colorful, this track is great for any project that is both blissful and engaging. It's a chameleon!

Description: This calm and inspirational track is perfect for your slideshows, corporate videos, infomercials, and anything relaxing (but with some movement).

Description: Very expansive and builds without overpowering. A constant, driving, piano with pulsing synths, a thumping bass, and active guitars.

Description: Achievement unlocked! Every organization begins with an idea. When that idea becomes a success, what better way to tell your story than with inspiring music?

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