Description: This piece is of the night and creates an air of solitude, yet the vibrant destination is actually a memory.

Description: A very mysterious and haunting track, with a little bit of serenity.

Description: As your day moves along, you should keep upbeat and active.

Description: Very expansive and builds without overpowering. A constant, driving, piano with pulsing synths, a thumping bass, and active guitars.

Description: Retro, psychedelic, and upbeat, this uses groovy, processed guitars and a real funky bass line in the B section! A throwback feel with a modern mindset.

Description: Sweet and tender, but also has a lighter side. Strings bring in the romance, as the piano keeps it sincere, and the bells keep the innocence.

Description: A very sentimental track, with a spring day and a wedding dress in mind.

Description: A very chill and relaxing piece, perfect for your morning coffee.

Description: Every day should be so care-free! This track is great for anything playful, with a fun, indie vibe.

Description: Both relaxing and colorful, this track is great for any project that is both blissful and engaging. It's a chameleon!

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