Description: Sunny and bright with a positive piano melody and bell percussion over optimistic, ambient sounding keyboard and programmed drum treatments. Version - 30 Second

Description: Solo - Piano. Ethereal voices shroud a cold piano feel that resolves to harmony eventually. Solo Piano 30 Seconds.

Description: It's a beautiful day with playful ukulele, quirky toy piano, bouncy bass, acoustic guitar, retro keys and swinging drums in this smile-inducing, sugary-sweet indie-pop gem. Commercials - Promo, Indie Pop. 73/146 BPM. No Vocal, Strings.

Description: Upright bass bounces underneath steady chopping ukulele and acoustic guitar chords creating a fun Hawaiian music bed. Lapsteel and ukulele take turns showcasing cheerful melodies overtop. Lighthearted and fun! Alternate mix has male vocals. Version - With Vocals

Description: Tinny metallic hit with deep undertones, ringing tail. Sound Design - FX Hits. Full Mix.

Description: A vintage sounding tune with violin, clarinet and guitar melodies playing cheery melodies over bubbly, happy go lucky jazz swing progressions. Version - No Solos 30 Second

Description: Nostalgic and sentimental sounding with fluid oboe melodies and sparkling nylon guitar themes. Peaceful and light-hearted with metallic percussion and programmed drums creating a positive pulse. Version - No Oboe 60 Second

Description: Tight guitar based power-pop lunges into a sparkly, energetic dance track with hooky male vocals and pulsing, swirling synth textures flying overhead. Guitar power pushes through the electronics for a rocked out commercial sound. Version - No Vocals 60 Second

Description: Slowly filtering drums and bass swell with a whoosh effect into a bright, high energy dance track full of shimmering synths, driving bass and punchy dance beats. A sugary sweet bubblegum boy band gem. Version - No Vocals 60 Second

Description: A dance anthem with a gradual filtered intro leading into a mechanical sounding verse. Busy programmed drums give a persistent feel with bright, fluffy dance synths creating a carefree party vibe. Version - No Vocals, No High Synth

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