Description: Popping sound of a bubble bursting

Description: "Sensational" - said by a male with a bit of an odd tone - sort of creepy

Description: Good sound of an underground train passing left to right - full bandwidth and heavy tone

Description: Sometimes you will need this sound but fear not because these fart noises are ready and willing to lower the tone in your production!

Description: Falling down should be fun - try it with this sound!

Description: Positively Yes! I couldn't be more certain about this click!

Description: No, no, no! I want to turn around and go back in this menu!

Description: The sound of a small creature bursting into small pieces and crying at the same time. Poor guy....

Description: The sound of achievement! A short effect that says "you've done well"

Description: Seaside Waves 3 - close waves with strong wind and distant seagulls

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