Description: Studio recorded solo jazz drums played on a drum kit featuring kick bass drum, cymbal / ride and snare. Simple yet powerful. 90 bpm

Description: Solo jazz drums in the style of the movies Birdman and Whiplash. A live drum-kit recording with lots of movement on the cymbals, high hat, toms and snare. It gives drive, focus and a little tension to any visual!

Description: Atmospheric and dynamic solo acoustic finger style / finger picked classical guitar that evokes a mood of passion, inspiration and creativity.

Description: Large, high-quality wind chimes with a deep, resonant tone and long sustain.

Description: An acoustic cinematic track with folk influences from Eastern Europe, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Gypsy communities, Jewish Klezmer, world and traditional music. Featuring stringed instruments: acoustic guitar, banjo and mandolin. Natural, wholesome & enchanted vibes.

Description: Warm solo jazz guitar lick played chord melody style with walking bass in the style of Joe Pass.

Description: Simple, upbeat and happy acoustic country folk underscore music bed with no main melody instrument or vocals. A cheerful and friendly track featuring acoustic guitars and feel good vibes.

Description: "Happy Birthday To You" played by solo jazz guitar. Warm, mellow and stylish.

Description: "Happy Birthday To You" motive played by solo guitar. Warm, mellow and stylish.

Description: "Happy Birthday To You" played by solo finger picked acoustic guitar.

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